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Become a Vendor
at Customized
Community Market

Scroll below to read all about vending at Customized Community Market. After reviewing everything, follow the steps below to JOIN US!

Vendor Fees

Customized Community Market has a vendor fee of $40. There are exceptions where the vendor fee will be lower OR higher due to the type of event. Please pay attention when selecting an event.

Refunds & Credits

Customized Community Market does not issue refunds. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Vendor fees pay for advertising, permitting, and insurance. If you cannot attend an event that you paid for, you will receive a digital credit to use for any of our events 90 days from the original event date, If the event is postponed or rescheduled, you will automatically receive a vendor credit. 

Advertising for

Customized Community Market advertises for the market as a whole. Often time we do not know who will be vending before the event was created. As vendors send us logos, pictures and sale information, we will share these on our social media platforms. We advertise for the market by posting on social media, sending emails and direct messages, direct flyers on cars and mailboxes, and by word of mouth. We expect all of our vendors to do their community duty and promote their business before the event so that people are more likely to come and actually buy your products. We make and distribute flyers specifically for vendors for an additional fee.

Ready to Join Us?

Click the button below to be directed to our registration form.

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